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Payment Process 

Service Fees: It is completely free to register membership and list your properties on our website. We charge 10% of the total rental as the commission to owners when a booking request is successfully accepted.


Processing the booking requests: When guests make booking requests, the owner should process the request within 24 hours from you are notified. You may either accept or decline the booking requests.


Acceptance: When a booking is confirmed, we will provide an acceptance notification email to the guest on behalf of the house owner.


Payments: After the payment has been made by the guest, the money will be kept as escrow in the account we trust; and then it will be transferred to the owner’s nominated bank account within 24 hours before the guest checks in, with a 10% deduction of the payment as commission at the time.


You are responsible for maintaining your bank account details and notifying us if they change. You agree to indemnify us against any bank charges or other costs that we may incur as a result of incorrect or out of date bank account information.


Decline: If owners decline the request, a cancelation notification email will be sent to the guests. No fees will be charged on booking requests that are declined or cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the rental.


If owners had to cancel the booking within 48 hours prior to the start date of the stay, the fees equals to 50% of the first night rental will be charged to the owners (as the service fee) to comfort the guests and arrange another accommodation for the guests in a very short time.


Claim for refund: If a valid claim for refund has been submitted by your guests, the owner needs to refund according to the Guest Refund Policy.


We have the discretion to refund Commission charged on bookings on a case by case basis.