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Sync Calendar

Import Calendar

1. Go to Properties on Easytour dashboard.

2. Click Update Calendar

3. Click Sync Calendar; Paste your calendar URL in the field next to Import Calendar URL.

4. Click Save

Export Calendar

1. Go to Properties on Easytour dashboard.

2. Click Update Calendar

3. Click Sync Calendar

4. Click Export your Easytour Calendar

Tariff and calendar update

Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner, which means the busiest season for holiday rental is coming. Update your peak season tariff to maximize net profit.

Keep your calendar up to date is also essential, it impacts how easily potential guests can book your property and saves you tons of time declining booking requests on unavailable dates.

Tips: If you accidentally left a booked out date as available on your calendar, and therefore need to decline the booking request, please let the guest know the reason, sometimes they might be interested in other dates.

What can Easytour bring you?

1. Professional Tourism Platform – After the new version of website launched, we’ve added the free "Car rental" section. Unlike the other platforms ‘individual post, individual promote’, our "Car rental" section is based on a professional travel booking platform, collecting a large number of drivers (vehicle model) and advertising more accurately and effectively.

2. Shared transport resources – Easy tour’s customers include travelers coming from China, local users and travelers from Australia. Users can search for the vehicle service at the time when searching for the accommodations on the website.

3. More Internet Traffic from China – Easytour is working closely with 5 major holiday rental platforms in China such as Ctrip, Tujia to distribute our accommodations, gaining more traffic and exposure to your property.

Procedure of becoming our member:

Easytour provides more customers to you via our platform and increase your income. There is some information you need to know below:

1. Basic Requirements

A legal Driver license in New Zealand, a private car of your own

2. Online Register and Fill in the Information

Presenting your user head icon, contact information, you and your vehicle description, vehicle photos, price (mandatory, format can be *** NZD ), location (optional, it helps the customers around you to locate). 

Business trip

House purchase tour is a new section of Easytour, aiming to build connections between NZ local property developers and potential buyers from China. By listing with us, property developers can provide customers with short rental living experience in the house to increase potential sales.


1. Property developer is very simple to list with us. Just filled out some basic information and set up a short term rental price and it is ready to go online.

2. Potential buyers will choose the houses they want to experience - pay and stay – then decide if they would like to purchase the house. 

Note: Easytour provides a booking platform for short term rental only. For house sale and purchase please contact relevant party directly.

Ready to join us? Have a nice and safe trip!