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Itinerary introduction

Auckland's 1350 hectares private hunting grounds, full experience of mountain bike trip and shooting fun (including the use of firearms and explanation of safety issue. Free use of large variety of rifle, famous gun, army gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, pistols. Practice on different distance of fixed target and moving target) Fully prepare for hunting. Hunting will be on our private range for tag, wild boar and other large wild animals. Jungle crossing, beach drifting(depend on tide of the day) and other exciting experience. Large variety of wild animal resources, including: wild boar, stags, goats, rabbits, possum, peacocks and so on.

Firearms equipment:

1.10 species of American Luger series of modern semi-automatic rifles 

2. P90 tactical assault rifle

3. Mauser——German infantry main battle rifle on the first world war

4. Garland 1930——US Army Normandy landing infantry main battle rifle

5. Henry——American West cowboy sickle horse rifle

6. 56 type semi-automatic saber

7. US military modern M16(AR15) assault rifles

8. AK47 tactical rifle

9. United States military and police standard Mossberg shotgun

10. The Turkish Marines standard Escor shotgun

11.  Finland Shako large caliber sniper rifle and other sophisticated firearms and equipment.

12.  Thompson——US police sniper rifle

13.  US Ruger Precision heavy tactical sniper rifle

14.  James Bond 9 mm spy pistol (Blank pistol)

15.  Beretta 92F US Army police pistol (Blank pistol)

16.  Glock 17 Austria made 8 mm caliber pistol (Blank pistol)

17.  Beretta cx4 storm 9mm tactical carbine

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Booking Notes


Arrive the meeting point and drive to the famous black-sand surf beach and Muriwai’s clifftop platforms overlook the gannet colonies .Then drive to our Muriwai private shooting club.

Price detail

Limited to 5-10 people, or call for discussing more option.

Standard Economic Shooting Package 268NZD per person

.22 LR bullets x 200 (large variety of action small-caliber rifles 10 species)

7.62 Military bullets x10 (56 infantry or cavalry gun, AK47)

5.56 standard military bullets x5 (M16 / AR15 semi-automatic rifle)

9 mm caliber bullets x5 (Beretta cx4 storm carbine)

12GA shotgun bullets x5 

308 bullets x3 / 270win bullet x3 (large caliber sniper rifle)

Hunting Package: (price is limited to private hunting range)

Hunting guide 410NZD / day (can guide up to 1-3 people at the same time)

460NZD / per trophy (wild boar, deer, goats) Meat Hunt

Includes: All the equipments, guide, transport and trophy.

Cancellation policy

A cancellation of your hunting package will mean you are offered an option on dates for the following year.  Your deposit will be carried over and stays with us.

*Terms and conditions apply.
Private Range Hunting
From $268 NZD
Auckland's 1350 hectares private hunting grounds, full experience of mountain bike trip and shooting fun.


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Mon - Fri:8:30am - 5:00pm
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